Ward Zwart


"The House Book" by Terence Conran,  1974


Giuseppe Velardo


have been told repeatedly as both a mode of therapy/coping & of so-called self-expression to write what i’m feeling. i resent this suggestion, always have. i was once warned i’d not be allowed back in a certain hospital bc i would not take part in a mandatory art “therapy” class that required you to paint self-portrait after self-portrait, every self-indulgence encouraged, fostered, honored. no. […] there is much much more to life & experience than what you’re feeling.

[T]hose of us who turn in disgust from what we consider an overinflated liberal-bourgeois sense of self should be careful what we wish for: our denuded networked selves don’t look more free, they just look more owned.

—Zadie Smith


Alex Alemany


João Maria Gusmão & Pedro Paiva
The third donkey
Chromogenic colour print
105 x 140 cm


The Vengeance by Rene Magritte (1939)